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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Improve and Increase VMotion Performance

1           Improve VMotion Performance

Configuring Multi-NIC vmotion in vSphere 5.5 provides much improved performance for VMOTION by creating a vmotion vmkernel for each NIC on a vswitch.  Muli-NIC vmotion began support since vSphere 5.0.  

1)      Select t vSwitch for Vmotion that contains 2 or more VMNIC utilized for vmotion.

2)      Create a VMkernel vmotion portgroup and give it the name "vmotion01″ and assign IP address on the supported VLAN.

3)      Repeat, and create a second VMkernel Interface and give it the name "vmotion02″.
The vSwitch should appear with 2 vmkernel Portgroups as follows:

Figure 8 VMotion Multiple Portgroups

4)      Per Figure 9, edit the vmotion01 NIC Teaming  tab assigning vmnic1 NIC-port as active and all others as "standby."

5)      Go to the settings of vmotion02 and configure a different NIC-port as active and all others as "standby."

vmotion01 vmnic configuration

vmotion02 vmnic configuration


Reference: Multi-NIC VMotion configuration:

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