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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Powercli one liner for finding Fault Tolerance Detection

Here's the fancy script  using the last the last article's oneliner:

#create array for table
$table = @()

#get-view of VM's and filter on FaultToleranceState
$ft = Get-View -ViewType VirtualMachine -filter @{"Runtime.FaultToleranceState"="enabled|ing"  }

#post message
write-host "Found FT on "  ($ft.count/2) "VM(s)..."

#assign results array
$ft | % {    
    $row = "" | select Name, FaultToleranceState, RecordReplayState
    $row.Name = $_.Name
    $row.FaultToleranceState = $_.Runtime.FaultToleranceState
    $row.RecordReplayState = $_.Runtime.RecordReplayState
    $row.RecordReplayState = $_.Runtime.RecordReplayState
    $table +=  $row
write-host ($ft.count )  "FT instances found."


[vSphere PowerCLI] C:\powercli> .\Get-FT.ps1

 Found FT on  2 VM(s)...


Name                 FaultToleranceState         RecordReplayState

----                 -------------------         -----------------

testvm2              running                     recording 

testvm2              running                     replaying


keywords: Vmware vSphere powershell 2 powercli FT


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